September, 2014

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Vinyl vs CD: The Age Old Question

CD vs Vinyl


Side A or side B…..that is the question! Or at least it WAS the question before Compact Discs came into the picture. Different formats and different listening experiences; both have now been around for AGES yet the battle rages on!

What do you prefer in your own rig at home? 

Lone Star Audio Fest and “Journey” Live on Stage!!!

If you haven’t noticed yet, the website looks a bit….uhhhh….different? The new website is LIVE and on stage NOW!

It’s all part of our hard work to ensure this event improves year over year. Our chief goal this year is to ensure that all the details and information about the Lone Star Audio Fest show reach the maximum number of people. We don’t want ANYONE to miss out! As you can see, we’ve started this initiative with a fresh new look! But wait, there’s moooooore! (said in Billy Mays voice) Keep coming back for fresh new content and updates!

Speaking of Live on Stage, who is your favorite band Live on Stage? Who put on the best show? Can anyone top this performance by Journey live in Houston? Post up your favorites in the comment section below!