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Lone Star Audiofest and T.H.E. Show Announce Groundbreaking Partnership

Premiering T.H.E. Lone Star Audiofest in Austin, TX in Late Spring 2025

Austin, TX – July 8, 2024 – Lone Star Audiofest and T.H.E. Show, America’s longest-running HiFi show, are excited to announce a landmark cooperative venture. This collaboration will culminate in the premiere of a new event, “T.H.E. Lone Star Audiofest, sponsored by T.H.E. Enterprises,” set to take place in the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, in late spring 2025 (May 2-4).

T.H.E. Lone Star Audiofest aims to create a brand new unparalleled experience for audiophiles, industry professionals (both budding and seasoned), amateur hobbyists, and music enthusiasts alike, focusing on introducing the industry and community to the very best in the next generation of new, bespoke HiFi designers, DIY-builders, artisans, and engineers. Combining the rich heritage and extensive network of T.H.E. Show with the dynamic and innovative spirit of Lone Star Audiofest, this event promises to be a major milestone in the HiFi industry.

Bespoke and DIY exhibitors at the previous Lone Star Audiofests and T.H.E. Shows include JWM Acoustics, Raven Audio, J. Porter Studios, Black Ocean Audio, Infigo Audio, Pi Speakers, Austin Acoustic, AudioKinesis, GR-Research, Audio Crafter’s Guild and more. T.H.E. Lone Star Audiofest 2025 looks forward to renewing exhibits with brands from previous years as well as bringing in brand new audio designers (so if that’s you, get in touch).

About the Event:

Name: T.H.E. Lone Star Audiofest

Date: May 2-4, 2025

Location: Austin, Texas (venue announcement forthcoming)

This new venture will offer a unique opportunity for exhibitors and attendees to explore the latest in high-fidelity audio creation, discover groundbreaking products, and engage in insightful discussions with like-minded creators and attendees. With Austin’s renowned music scene and vibrant cultural landscape, T.H.E. Lone Star Audiofest is poised to become a key destination for HiFi designers, creators, and enthusiasts from around the world.


Lone Star Audiofest has always been a great place for everyone in the industry to get together, and it has specialized in introducing DIYers and start-up companies into the audio community. Our word-of-mouth ‘show up and setup’ approach has garnered us great local popularity. It’s clear on the basis of exhibitor and attendee feedback that it is time for us to grow. This new show is a blending of approaches, which promises to get the word out to people that never knew we existed while allowing us to retain the laid-back intimacy that the Lone Star Audiofest has always been known for,” says Wayne Parham, Owner of the Lone Star Audiofest

T.H.E. Show has a long-standing tradition of excellence in the HiFi industry, and we are excited to embark on this new journey with Lone Star Audiofest. Together, we will create an event that not only celebrates audio innovation but also fosters a sense of community among audio enthusiasts. And I want to be absolutely clear – this is not ‘just another audio show.’ This will be a totally different experience for exhibitors, attendees, and yes, even press who are hungry to cover new and never before heard of brands!” says Emiko E. Carlin, CEO of T.H.E. Enterprises and President of T.H.E. Show

About Lone Star Audiofest: Lone Star Audiofest is described as the “Woodstock of high-end audio shows,” because of its open-ended draw to anyone and everyone in audio.  It has historically appealed to DIYers, passionate start-up companies and semi-retired industry experts that offer audio products and services.  The Lone Star Audiofest has always had a laid-back feel, where the public can explore these companies, audition their products and interact directly with company owners and engineers.

About T.H.E. Show: T.H.E. Show is America’s longest-running HiFi show, dedicated to presenting the latest in high-fidelity audio, home theater, and consumer electronics. With a rich history and a strong commitment to excellence, T.H.E. Show has become a cornerstone of the HiFi industry.

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