Radical Face – The Family Tree

Radical Face

Radical Face is a an artist I stumbled upon by way of a suggestion from a good friend. Since that time I’ve fallen head over heals in love with their album titled “The Family Tree”. Though I should say “his” instead of “their” since Radical Face is technically only one dude, Ben Cooper, hailing from Jacksonville Florida. Ben chose the name Radical Face after seeing it on a flyer he’d found on the street. Later on he’d find out it was for a plastic surgery institute advertising a Radical Face Lift  but the word Lift had been torn off.

Ben says that his family is his main inspiration to his music and this album really shows it. He states, “I came up with a fictional family tree — a Frankenstein of random genealogy charts, my own family history, some of my personal experiences and plain old fiction — and used that as the basis for the songs.”

I can honestly say I’ve never heard music as poetic and moving as the tracks contained in this album. Many of the songs recount events of pain and tragedy that are so laced with feeling, it will truly overwhelm you with genuine emotion. Track 5 on the Roots titled Severus and Stone, from what I’ve gathered, is about two young brothers living though a bitter winter when one of them falls ill. The song is written from the perspective of the surviving brother as he witnesses his brother’s soul leaving his body when he looses a battle with pneumonia. The lyrics are slow and intricate. At the very end he utters a phrase that leads you to believe they were not only brothers, they were twins. It’s not what he says that’s so emotional; it’s how he says it.

But that’s what it’s about right? Music is intended to make us feel. Ben seems to have mastered that in this exquisite work of art. I highly recommend picking it up!


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