LSAF 2020 Cancellation

Regrettably we have made the decision to cancel LSAF 2020. We have asked the hotel to cancel any reservations associated with this event, but it might be worthwhile to confirm this with the hotel if you have already made reservations.

Many of us have expressed our sad feelings about the need to do this. And to tell the truth, we’re not just concerned about the health scare. We’re at least as concerned about the ways some people would react to one another. Some would get into disagreements – even some heated arguments – about how to enforce health safety. The mask-wearers and the non-maskers would argue, and then all sorts of other pseudo-political arguments would surface too.

So we’re going to cancel LSAF 2020 and put our focus on the next LSAF. It will be scheduled as soon as we are comfortable with the social and environmental conditions.

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