2023 Show Reports

Norman Tracy – LSAF’s Positive Feedback liaison and exhibitor extraordinaire – commented that this show secured the future of LSAF. It was the first show after the corona-lockdowns and it was the first year at the new venue.

All feedback was positive, both about the venue and about the show itself. Visitor traffic was busy Friday and Saturday. Sunday was slower, as usual. Some exhibitors hung on through the afternoon, but many left by checkout time on Sunday. So – just like most other previous shows – the best weekend day to visit was Saturday. That’s the one thing that sometimes disappoints – if a new visitor shows up Sunday afternoon, they usually only get to see half the rooms.

But most of the usual exhibitors were there and a few new ones came too. There was the typical-of-LSAF mix – everything from expensive high-end to quality-obsessed DIY gear. This show brings examples of expensive high-quality gear that can be purchased, delivered and setup right out of the box, straight from the dealer. It also has examples of gear that’s equally high-end, but less expensive because it requires the purchaser’s “sweat equity” in the form of DIY plans, kits and partial kits. There’s a little bit of something for everyone at LSAF each year.

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