2024 Show Reports

This year’s show was another wonderful time, but it felt a little “heavier” to me without one of its long-time regular exhibitors, John Busch. John was always at the show with some fabulous loudspeaker creations. Sadly, he passed in the summer of 2022.

John’s estate graciously offered a lot of his equipment to the Lone Star Audiofest, which we raffled Saturday evening. So many people got wonderful equipment from John, keeping his memory alive.

Beyond that, the rooms were always busy, but as usual, people were able to stay in each room for extended periods, listening to several songs and talking with each exhibitor. That’s one of the best things about LSAF, in my opinion – how approachable the exhibitors are and how easy it is to engage in meaningful discussions.

Just as importantly – or maybe even more importantly – it is wonderful to be able to sit and listen at length. It’s never a hurried thing, and you never feel that you need to get up and move along. Everyone can spend time in each room, auditioning and discussing things.

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