Month: January 2024


Reserve your room

There are two types of rooms available:  Exhibitors and Guests

There are a variety of room styles available for each, which you will be able to choose from when you make your reservation.  Examples of various styles are rooms with two double beds and rooms with one king size bed.  Both styles are available for guests and for exhibitors.

The difference between exhibitors and guests is that exhibitors are grouped together whereas guests can be located anywhere.  The hotel knows to make every effort to locate exhibitor rooms together.

If you are not exhibiting equipment, please reserve your room as a guest.

You can make your reservation by telephone or online.  The cutoff date is April 1st, so be sure to reserve before then because you may not be able to reserve your room after that.

The phone number for reservations is not posted yet.  We will announce that soon. When making reservations by telephone, be sure to tell the staff that you are a LoneStarAudiofest Exhibitor (group LSA) or a LoneStarAudiofest Guest (group LAF), whichever the case may be.

Online reservations can be made at the links below: